• Product picture Photo Wall Mural Green Fresco
  • Product picture Photo Wall Mural Green Fresco
  • Product picture Photo Wall Mural Green Fresco
  • Product picture Photo Wall Mural Green Fresco
  • Product picture Photo Wall Mural Green Fresco

Producer: PPS. Imaging GmbH

Photo Wall Mural Green Fresco

for you just: EUR 99,95
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Photo Wall Mural Green Fresco
for you just: EUR 99,95
incl. VAT
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Product Information

Technical Details


› adhesive silk-matt quality foil

› removeable without residues

› tear- & rub-proof


› 4-color print

› Oudor-free

› UV-resistant, colours won't bleach out

Sticks on

› timber doors

› veneered doors

› PVC doors

› white primed doors

› and many more

Wiki YOUR DECO SHOP Adhesive Doorsized Murals are shipped with an additional set of door frame stickers.

Delivery and Installation

Delivery Date Estimated delivery between 25.06. - 29.06.2018.
Box Contains Doorsized Mural, 3-part Stickerset for door-frame, installation instruction
Installation We recommend the installation by two.
Installation Supplies You can purchase a wallpaper roller here. There's a list for more usefool tools in the installation instruction.

Door size 61x198,5cm + frame = size 81x208,5cm

Door size 73,5x198,5cm + frame = size 93,5x208,5cm

Door size 86x198,5cm + frame = size 106x208,5cm

Door size 98,5x198,5cm + frame = size 118,5x208,5cm

Door size 61x211cm + frame = size 81x221cm

Door size 73,5x211cm + frame = size 93,5x221cm

Door size 86x211cm + frame = size 106x221cm

Door size 98,5x211cm + frame = size 118,5x221cm


Installation Instruction

Installation MEDIUM
People We recommend the installation by twos.
Components Doorsized Mural & 3-part door-frame sticker set on white carrier foil.
Installation Supplies Tools: wallpaper roller, folding ruler, pencil, cutting knife, patience :-).
Handy Hint

› Simply cut off overhanging parts after you applied the wallpaper or in advance.

› If small bubbles persist, don't worry! Pierce them carefully with a thin needle and get rid of the air.

Product Description

A Doorsized Mural with Frame Sticker Set.

Adhesive door murals

Adhesive door murals are perfectly suited to transform your doors into decoration highlights. The large range of motifs offers a wide selection and opens up individual decorational possibilities for living- and childrens rooms, bedrooms as well as kitchens or bathrooms. Small scratches in your door can easily be covered.

Brilliant colours on residue-free removable adhesive foil

The motifs are printed on an adhesive quality foil which can easily be removed without residue. High quality and uv-resistant print colours guarantee long lasting colour brilliance. For an optimal attachment your door has to be clean, even as well as free of dust, grease, silicone, oil based paint or latex. If you want to change the motif or move out you can easily remove the door mural anytime without residue.

Door murals for door leaf and frame in four parts

Adhesive door murals consist of four parts: door leaf, left, right and upper frame. Simply choose the appropriate size for your door with frame. The flexible foil can also be cut without problems if you need different sizes.