• Product picture Photo wall mural no.219 "MANHATTAN...
  • Product picture Photo wall mural no.219 "MANHATTAN...
  • Product picture Photo wall mural no.219 "MANHATTAN...
  • Product picture Photo wall mural no.219 "MANHATTAN...

Producer: PPS. Imaging GmbH

Photo wall mural no.219 "MANHATTAN BROOKLYN BRIDGE" 280x200cm

Dimension HxW
for you just: EUR 38,80
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Photo wall mural no.219 "MANHATTAN BROOKLYN BRIDGE" 280x200cm
for you just: EUR 38,80
incl. VAT
Dimension HxW
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Product Information

Technical Details


› high quality poster paper 115g/m²

› resistant to humidity

› temperature-resistant


› Carboxymethylcellulose

› solvent-free

Delivery and Installation

Delivery Date Estimated delivery between 23.11. - 27.11.2017
Box Contains multi-part Photo Wallpaper Set, wallpaper paste, installation instruction
Installation We recommend the installation by twos.
Installation Supplies You can purchase a wallpaper roller here. There's a list for more usefool tools in the installation instruction.


Installation Instruction

Installation NORMAL
People We recommend the Installation by twos. You've never applied a wallpaper? Ask a experienced friend or your relatives to drop in for a coffee ;-)
Components 2-10 Wallpaper parts (numbered on the back), wallpaper paste
Installation Supplies Tools: wallpaper brush, bucket, folding ruler, pencil, level, cutting knife, wallpaper roller. We recommend to work on a pasting table.
Handy Hint Simply cut off overhanging parts after you applied the wallpaper or in advance.
Note Depending of what size you've ordered our Photo Wallpapers are partitioned to 2-, 4-, 6-, 8- or 10-part sets. The installation instruction shows applying with a 8-part photo wall paper. The procedure is the same for all sets.

Product Description

Parts of a Photo Wallpaper

Photo Wallpapers with glue - The classic with new style

Photo Wallpapers with glue offer you to design wide surfaces. Create your own world of living with calming nature motifs, interesting city auras or deceivingly real stone structures. This environmentally friendly material makes a good impression - the Photo Wallpapers will cast a spell over your visitors.

Brilliant colours on high quality paper

Photo Wallpapers with glue are made of high quality poster paper which is printed with uv-resistant ink. The Wallpapers are easily attached with glue included in the delivery. After a short time of soaking the single strips are put to the wall. The material sticks to chipwood wallpaper and numerous other smooth surfaces. All surfaces have to be free of grease and oil-based paint.

Photo Wallpapers do not only beautify walls

It does not matter whether you put up the Wallpaper in the living room, kid’s rooms or your bedroom - our Photo Wallpapers create the right atmosphere of well-being. These products do not only convince on walls but on doors as well. Just browse our “door wallpapers”.