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Producer: PPS. Imaging GmbH

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for you just: EUR 24,95
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Product Information

Technical Details


› high quality poster paper 115g/m²

› resistant to humidity

› temperature-resistant


› Carboxymethylcellulose

› solvent-free

Delivery and Installation

Delivery Date Estimated delivery between 27.03. - 31.03.2017
Box Contains 3-part Photo Wallpaper set, wallpaper paste, installation instruction
Installation We recommend the installation by twos.
Installation Supplies You can purchase a wallpaper roller here. There's a list for more usefool tools in the installation instruction.


Installation Instruction

Installation MEDIUM
People We recommend the installation by twos. You've never applied a Wallpaper? Ask a experienced friend or your relatives to drop in for a coffee ;-)
Components 3 Wallpaper Parts (numbered on the back), wallpaper paste
Installation Supplies Tools: wallpaper brush, bucket, folding ruler, pencil, level, cutting knife, wallpaper roller. We recommend to work on a pasting table.
Handy Hint Simply cut off overhanging parts after you applied the Wallpaper or in advance.

Product Description

Parts of a Photo Wallpaper

Photo door murals with glue allow for a wide variety of decorative options

Door murals with glue have been developed to transform your doors into decorative highlights. The large range of motifs offers ample choice to decorate living and childrens rooms, bedrooms as well as kitchens and bathrooms. Additionally small scratches in your door can be optimally covered.

Process-colour printing on high quality poster paper

Photo door murals with glue are made of high quality poster paper which is printed with uv-resistant ink providing long lasting colour brilliance. The door murals are easily attached with glue included in the delivery. After a short time of soaking the single parts can be put on your door. For an optimal result the door has to be clean and free of oil-, silicone- or latex-bearing paints.

Three-part paper door murals

Door murals with glue consist of 3 parts which are applied beneath each other on the door leaf. Overlapping parts on the edges can easily be cut after the mural has dried.