• Product picture Tile Border - Red 15cm x 15cm
  • Product picture Tile Border - Red 15cm x 15cm

Producer: PPS. Imaging GmbH

Tile Border - Red 15cm x 15cm

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Tile Border - Red 15cm x 15cm
for you just: EUR 16,95
incl. VAT
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Product Information

Technical Details


› adhesive quality foil

› removeable without residues

› temperature-resistant up to 80°C

› water-repellent

Please note The Tile Stickers can be cleaned with common detergents.

Delivery and Installation

Delivery Date estimated delivery between 02.05. - 06.05.2017
Box Contains Tile Stickers in several parts on carrier foil, installation instruction
Installation The installation is super simple and can be easily done by one.
Installation Supplies We strongly recommend to use a squeegee. Have a look on our supplies.


Installation Instruction

Installation EASY
People The Installation can be easily done by one. We recommend to mount large Tile Stickers by twos.
Components Your Tile Stickers in several parts on carrier foil.
Installation Supplies You should use a squeegee! You'll need it for an easy and handy installation.
Handy Hint Simply cut off smaller parts of your Tile Mural to stick them separately. ;-)
Attention Don't pull off application tape before reading the installation instruction. Make sure your tiles are clean and free of dirt, dust, silicone, dispersion and latex paint.

Product Description

A Tile Sticker.

Tile Stickers create a fresh look in no time

Tile Stickers are an effective way to give dull tiles a modern look. Without tedious redecorating you will have new freshness and neat surfaces. Cracks or discolourations are easily covered.

Foil resistant against humidity that can be pulled off again

Tile Stickers are available in many different colours and colour combinations. The foil is cut into exactly fitting tile sizes which will optimally fit the surface. The adhesive foil is water- and heat-resistant (up to 80°C) and therefore perfect for rooms with a high humidity like bathrooms or kitchens. You can clean the Tile Stickers with common cleansing agents and remove them easily when moving out.

Attach your Tile Stickers individually

Tile Sticker sets contain separate parts. You decide whether you want to cover all tiles or if you want to set stylish accents when artfully arranging the foil on your tiles.