• Product picture Wall Decal No.SF358 Bon Appetit

Producer: PPS. Imaging GmbH

Wall Decal No.SF358 Bon Appetit

for you just: EUR 19,95
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Wall Decal No.SF358 Bon Appetit
for you just: EUR 19,95
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Installation Instruction

Installation EASY
People The Installation can be easily done by one. We recommend to mount large Wall Decals by twos.
Components Your Wall decal on a white carrier foil covered by a transparent application tape.
Installation Supplies You should use a squeegee! You'll need it for an easy and handy installation.
Handy Hint Simply cut off smaller parts of your Wall Decal to stick them separately. ;-)
Attention Don't pull off application tape before reading the installation instruction. Make sure your wall is clean and free of dirt, dust, silicone, dispersion and latex paint.

Product Description

Wall Decal Layers

Single-coloured wall decals are small art works for a beautiful home

Single-coloured wall decals are available in many different colours. You can choose the colour matching your interior design. The creative wall decals also beautify notebooks, smartphone covers or boring furniture. When revamping walls, doors or ceilings single-coloured wall decals, made from flexible quality foil, appear as if having been painted.

Non-fading and adhesive wall decal can be removed without residue

Single-coloured wall decals consist of a special quality foil which can easily be removed without residue if you want to spontaneously redecorate your home. All parts can simply be pulled off the release paper and attached to your desired spot. The wall decals stick to all surfaces that are clean, even as well as free of dust, grease, silicone, oil based paint or latex. Single-coloured wall decals are moisture-resistant, flexible and tear-resistant. Due to the special high quality foil the colours look particularly brilliant. The foil is light resistant and lightfast.

One wall decal - a thousand possibilities - just decorate

Wall decals will surely find their place on nearly every possible surface. You don’t only beautify your smartphone, mirrors or furniture but also whole living or childrens rooms. It is really simple to decorate all your favourite places with wall decals. Our wall decals also stick to unpainted woodchip wallpaper. Different wall decals are easily combinable - let your creativity run free!